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Mark Hadfield



Is Young Mark Well Balanced?In 1983 I participated in a Bastille Day waiter’s race in downtown Chicago. At the time I had tasted wine a few times, but couldn’t open a bottle of wine to save my life. The race consisted of teams of two; the first server had to open a bottle of wine, pour it into a glass, pick up the tray with the glass of wine and go through an obstacle course. When completed, she would pass it off to her teammate and he would cover the same course. I remember going through the course so fast, wine spilling all the way. We set the record for fastest team of the day. No one was even close to our time, we thought we had the race in the bag. Then we found out that it wasn’t completely about how fast we were, but also encompassed spilling the least amount of wine. Well, that was our weakness, we had spilled a lot more wine that anyone else! Final result – last place!


Fast forward 31 years and now I am a 24-year veteran of the wine trade. I have traveled four continents to see wineries and dine on the local fare. How did I get here? Well, in 1986 I moved to New York City to run a new flagship restaurant named One Main at Fulton Landing, a California cuisine restaurant just two blocks from the famed River Café. It was there that I caught the wine bug. New York was a great market to be in for wine. I got a chance to meet so many wine people and taste most everything offered. After two years I left New York and returned to Chicago to open up another restaurant. Things went well, but I really felt that wine was where I needed to focus. So in 1991 I decided to leave the restaurant business to concentrate on wine. As they say timing is everything, as it was here that I received a call from a friend from my restaurant days; he had moved over to the wine distribution side and called to ask if I would be interested in selling wine. He also told me that I would never get rich in the wine business, but I could eat and drink like a king. Seemed like a good trade off.


Throughout these wine years, I’ve had the chance to meet, dine with, and visit many of the Who’s Who of the wine world, the “rock stars” if you will. Today, there are so many fond memories from all the great glasses of wine, places I’ve visited, friends I’ve made and the ensuing humor that seems to find me.


Angie Ziegler - Wine Bar and Shop Staff  


A two decade bar hospitality and

five year veteran of Wine With Me,

 Angie brings a wealth of bar and

service knowledge as well as a

friendly smile.  Ask Angie what's

her favorite wine this week.





Andy Dougherty - Wine Bar & Shop Staff

A 25 year veteran of the wine and spirits industry. Andy has  worked in the retail sector managing wine and cigar stores as well as wine distributors and suppliers. Andy first met Wine With Me owner Mark Hadfield when he managed a boutique wine shop back in 2001. Mark worked for a wine distributor at the time. It didn't take long for Andy and Mark to hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Andy's passion for wine started back in 1985 when he first tried a white burgundy and was hooked from then on.The thing Andy loves most about wine is how it brings people together in enjoyment of wine, food and friendship.


"Festivus Bob" Indurante - Wine Bar & Shop Staff                                                                                 If you've joined us at the numerous off site events, then Bob has probably poured you a glass or two. Now Bob joins us as regular bar staff. A retired police officer, avid cook and fly fisherman. Yes, he has some great tales.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Anton Maletic - Wine Bar and Shop Staff

Anton joins us with a wealth of wine and food knowledge. Having worked for the likes of The Ritz Carlton Chicago and Emilio Tapas Restaurants. Anton is an outstanding cook, forager, and wine professional. His travels have taken him throughout Europe focusing on food and wine. We are grateful to have a 40 year restaurant guy join our team

Barbara Florina - Gift Basket Designer


Sharon Spicciati - Marketing